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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SALE: Black Friday Sales South Africa

Thanks Giving is upon us and some of the retailers in South Africa is trying to reproduce the hype caused around the Black Friday sales you usually have in the US.

Takealot has started their sale today called Takealot Tuesday. They will be announcing specials whole day long.
I reported on this same sale last year which was extremely disappointing.
Thus far I have not seen anything worth mentioning. I have seen some items that were regular priced or even overpriced so please check the items values at other retailers before thinking you are getting a bargain.

Click on the image below to be directed to the Takealot website.


Dionwired just sent out an email offering free nationwide delivery this Black Friday. Not sure if there will be items on sale or if they just offering free delivery.

Click on the image below to see original mailer.


Please comment below if you know if any other sales that might be happening.


  1. wow what a disappointment. Its definitely not "South Africa's BIGGEST one day sale" as they claimed. Some things are normal sale price, and others are similar to normal retail price. I suggest doing some research before purchasing.

    1. I found the same thing, hopefully it gets better, I expected more from takealot.

    2. yeah i also picked up with hi-fi corp. on of their items was 1 889 3 days ago. now its 2 399 and they are saying it was 2500 trying to rip us off. so like you said it would be very wise to research before you go wild on buying

  2. The LG TV that's just came in the 10 NEW deals just added, our best yet! >> email, I bought it for about R7500 at Makro in April, the R3000 saving is difficult to believe.

  3. R99 for Batman 1 + Batman 2 + Inception on Blu-Ray. That's a good bargain.