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Thursday, 11 July 2013

DEAL FAIL: Groupon Selling New 5 year old Cellphone Models

Groupon is selling a range of HTC cellphones that were released about 5 years ago (according to GSM Arena). They are claiming it is valued at ridiculous values (see below):

  • Pay R999 for an HTC S710, valued at R4 799
  • Pay R999 for an HTC S730, valued at R4 599
  • Pay R1 299 for an HTC Touch Diamond, valued at R5 899
Granted that the prices are cheap for a new cellphone even though it is an old model but misleading the public by over inflating the current retail value is just wrong.
These phones are so dated that they have 2MP camera and Windows Mobile 6 when we already have Windows Mobile 8.
Click on the image above to see the deal on the Groupon website.
Someone needs to take Groupon to court on their dishonest advertising.


  1. "Windows Phone 8"

  2. I fully agree.

    My wife always bought from Groupon. After i showed her the false advertising she stopped supporting them.

    They are SKELMS..

  3. 47 people think this is a good deal.

  4. Are these guys for real?
    I mean honestly an HTC Touch Diamond, think that phone was trending round bout the same time as the friggin Nokia N95.
    The amazing part is there are 50 people who have taken up on this deal. How gullible can you be?

  5. 80 people think this is a good deal.

  6. An Advert is a means to do business an in no way forcing the client to buy the goods. look the retail PRICE is respectable. people are not silly whoever looks at what they SAVING they look at ACTUAL PRICES. STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN AND GET A LIFE

  7. @A1007 - Companies need to be scrutinised by the public eye to keep them honest.

    Yes they can advertise what they want and how they want and claim not forcing anyone to buy, social media (reviews included) can give their views and claim not forcing anyone not to buy. The mediums both provide information - and its upto the purchaser to decide what to believe.

    Corporate advertisements goal is to get you to part with your money. I for one am happy that this sites goal is to save me some!

  8. Anonymous, I couldn't have said it better. These large companies take advantage of their followers as the followers expect them to be honest. I can only try my best to put my views across to my subscribers from there common sense would need to take over.

    Al007, I'm not looking out for the tech savvy person, they should know better. I'm looking out for the older generation that does look at the saving thinking that they might be getting the latest tech for cheap.

  9. They are most likely Refurbished phones from China. The chances of the phone being brand new is very low. Chinese companies have being refurbishing mobile phones for years now and replace the screen and body of the phone and normally give after market accessories(Battery, headphones, charger & Box), and the phones sell for very very cheap. Refurbished phones normally look brand new. The markup on the advertised phones are around 200%. The blackberry 9530(3G), which is the American version of the 9500, is around R400 with free shipping to SA. But guys sell it for R2500. Around 2 years ago when the Blackberry 8520 just came out, the 9530 was R800 and it looks brand new and had a 1 year warranty. Be careful of imported phones. Have a potential to have problems and no support for them in SA.

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