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Friday, 8 March 2013

DEALS: iPad 4 with Wifi and 3G up to 23% off @ Groupon

On the stranger side of things Groupon actually has a product deal that is worthwhile.

The are offering:

Below is an extract of what they offering with my comments in green regarding the discount and over embellished recommended retail price.

"Choose between these options (my comments in green):
  • Pay R4 999 for a 16GB iPad 4 in White or Black, valued at R7 399 (actually RRP R6499 making this a 23% discount)
  • Pay R6 499 for a 32GB iPad 4 in Black, valued at R8 399 (actually RRP R7499 making this a 13% discount)
  • Pay R7 500 for a 64GB iPad 4 in White, valued at R9 499 (actually RRP R8599 making this a 13% discount)"

Apple products such as iPad and macbooks don't usually go on sale in the stores so unless there is something that i missed in the fine print this deal is definitely worthwhile.

You can go to ZASTORE to compare prices.

Click on the image above to access the deal.


  1. Think the catch is there are only a very few available.

    If you look at the Groupon page there are "5 bought". If you click the buy now button the 16GB and 32GB models are sold out. Only the 64GB model is left, how many is unknown.

  2. And secondly...

    I personally think Apple is getting ready to discontinue the 16GB model and sell the 32GB model at the same price. They also brought out the 128GB model last month so the 16GB model does not make any sense.

    Hope they will discontinue the 16GB iPhone 5 as well. All the cellular providers give you the cheapest iPhone 16GB model with a 2 year contract. I have heard of so many customers running out of space after a couple months or so.

  3. The end is nigh! The end is Nigh!....I am pretty sure that Nostradamus predicted that Groupon would have a legit product sale deal just before the sun explodes or something!

    Even if I wanted one, I would not buy it just because they rob people with their other pretend product sale deals!

    Love the resturant deals though!

  4. I agree with SamuraiUgo, they rob consumers with some other products so i will not support them in any which way...

    Are there any windows 8 tablets out here in SA? It would be good to compare these prices with Windows 8 tablets (if they out)

  5. SOLD OUT! So they only had 8 iPads available.