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Thursday, 22 November 2012

BLACK FRIDAY (Updated): "TAKEALOT.com Takes Black Friday Online"

UPDATE: I have been receiving reports that the specials at Takealot does not real match up with our expectations of a Black Friday sale.

Takealot has decide to give SA a taste of the crazy specials Americans normally experience on Black Friday.
See extracts below or click on the image above for a link to the full article.

"TAKEALOT.com, SA’s fastest growing online store, promises crazy discounts and slashed prices with South Africa’s first Black Friday Sale on Friday, 23 November."

"TAKEALOT.com customers have the opportunity to take advantage of huge discounts and special offers that are valid this Friday only. The sale starts at 00:01am on Friday, 23 November and will close at 23:59. Thousands of individual items across 14 different categories will be on sale. Early birds will benefit the most and sale prices will be valid while stocks last."

Let keep our alarms set for midnight tonight and hope that the deals are worthwhile.

Thanks for the tip Sarish.


  1. Black Friday is a waste of time. The only thing I found of worth was the Lexar 32Gig microSD card.

  2. FK you Takealot! Yes I know your reading this since you changed the price from a deal to a complete ripoff after I posted this comment. R199 to R649. That company is a joke!!

  3. http://www.sybaritic.co.za/store/product_info.php?cPath=322_355&products_id=69294

  4. @Anonymous

    Class 10 != Class 4

  5. 4165 Black Friday deals on their website, all they have done is label their usual specials as black Friday..... Nothing Special here, in fact I can find things cheaper on other sites that are not even on special.... This should be a black Friday FAIL

  6. Their electronic good may not have been greatly dscounted, but in other things there were some good bargains especially for their Lego and their training shoes.

  7. Are you serious, you can go to any physical sports store and get those prices for their trainers, even less if you negotiate.
    I'm sorry ever since they removed there imports section they've been a total waste of time...

    1. I got a pair of asics running shoes for R700, closest match was R1400 in the physical shop.

  8. I bought Star Wars Lego for R 1400, it is R2000 in all the major toy retailers. Also 2 x New Balances that are R620 in the shops - i got them for R 358 on the site.

  9. Would you guys(Anonymous 26 November 2012 11:30, included) care to post a link/model number of the trainers you bought, so that these deals can be verified or is it safe to assume that you're just one of TAKEALOT's minions hired to un-tarnish their "good" name...

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