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Monday, 5 November 2012

DEAL FAIL: Groupon Convection Oven overpriced by 325%

The convection oven as shown above was advertised on Groupon for R599 which included a 38% discount.

Click on the link below to find out why the original price of R1299 is 325% overpriced.

I used a very useful website, Guzzle, to compare the local prices of these convection ovens.
The search result showed many models on special at SA's most common retailers for no more than R400.

Click here to see local pricing as shown on Guzzle.

At a standard special price of R400 vs R1299 Groupon price makes this Groupon deal a gross exaggeration of 325%.

As before, please google the Groupon goods pricing before buying.


  1. I queried this with them, and they claim that the prices are what the merchandisers give them and did not deem my question on why they advertise items that are so grossly overpriced worthy of answering.

    They did mention that I can purchase great deals from them....HAH!

    I find it very odd that no one checks these prices...

  2. Having taken a look at the comments above, we may accuse companies of over inflating prices, however with purchasers being over 18 year old, they have the juristic ability to reason and make purchasing decisions themselves.

    If we look at a competing retailer, we see that Groupon's price is not grossly over inflated, with exactly the same product being R1199.95 from Homemark, [http://www.homemark.co.za/product/house--home/kitchen/flavor-oven] yet they are not being lambasted for the price that they have set, actually being higher than Groupon's discounted price.