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Friday, 30 November 2012

DEAL ALTERNATIVE: Goodbye Deal Fail, hello Deal Alternative

Certain group buying sites has contacted me with their disapproval on my "Deal Fail" posts. I have decided that instead of posting "Deal Fails" I will post my recommendation on alternative products to what they are advertising at better prices and we will call it "Deal Alternative".

Note that these alternative deals are based on my opinion and experience with consumer product costs and in no way am I affiliated with the alternative deals that I post. If I am associated with the deal I will say so.

So for my first Deal Alternative post we have the Groupon advertised PVP 8bit console for R399 that came out this morning.
I have recently bought one of these in China Town for R250.

I also posted a deal fail on this item a few months back.
Please use the link to the previous Deal Fail to find alternative options on where to buy a similar product cheaper.


  1. You really should've kept the Deal Fail.... So many companies just trying to rip off the uninformed!

  2. Scot, the deal alternative will essentially be a similar service but instead of attacking the advertiser I will be more careful and state the alternatives and compare the costs.

    1. Yeah I understand from a business point of view.

      I just wish these deal sites wouldn't put everything up with crazy markups and they give misleading discounts. They should be held accountable for the listed normal price.

  3. I understand that you'd like to be more diplomatic Fayaaz but we consider the deal fails kinda like a deal "hello peter". There should be no reason to sugar coat companies ripping us off. It's the most refreshing bit of marketing news that I get in my inbox sometimes. Groupon could also not do anything to you for stating the truth in the way you have, could they? Just please don't let your opinion be watered down because you stir feathers, that reaction should show you that you're doing a good job. I'm pretty sure people didn't like that consumer watchdog lady that used to be on tv long ago, but all of us appreciated it.

    1. btw, i'm super curious to see what Groupon wrote to you. Perhaps consider putting it up as a post sometime, kinda like a trophy. We wanna see what happens when they finally get the picture that their ripoffs are being noticed

  4. Groupon complained, didnt they?

    I dont trust their for sale items any more. and probably wont buy even if I confirm the deal on principal.

    Still love their services deals though....