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Thursday, 25 October 2012

UPDATE - DEALS: Windows 8 Pro on Groupon for R599 (Sold Out), was it worth it?

The following information just became available on the windows.com website (LINK)
Get Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Download version for R299, or retail version for R529. See image below.
This pricing indicates that the Groupon deal was in fact overpriced (if it is the upgrade version as we suspect)


This morning Groupon sold a copy of Windows 8 Pro for R599.
Windows 8 is being launched internationally tomorrow (26 October 2012).
At the time of posting this it got sold out. I am posting this none the less to keep my readers informed.

Previous articles on MyBroadband have indicated that the upgrade pricing might be R699 if bought in a store or $39 (R350) if bought online (with a software download being required).

Nowhere does it state that the Groupon deal is an upgrade version which leads me to understand that it will function as a standalone new version and for R599 it is much cheaper than the previous Pro versions of Windows.

I have to put a disclaimer on this deal as Microsoft has been slightly secretive with the pricing and we will only know for sure that this deal is worthwhile when the software is launched tomorrow. And with Groupon's recent over inflated money making products I am wearier than ever, especially seeing that this special price ends at mid-night today.

They also have a disclaimer that you might have to wait up to 4 weeks for delivery. For those tech savvy people, this will be unacceptable.

That being said, I could be wrong and this could very well be a great deal.
Please comment below. By tomorrow we should be able to determine if this was a deal or not.

Articles on MyBroadband.com regarding Windows 8 pricing:


Thanks Hanno, Minnaar and Quayum for informing me about this deal.


  1. Well groupcon will have 500+ very unhappy people if this is the upgrade version...personally I avoid groupon like the plague, bunch of con artists.

  2. They confuse the matter with "boxed copies" vs "digital download".

    Yes you can get box with DVD shipped to your home, but that does not mean it is not the upgrade version.

    The fact that they pulled the offer from their website speaks volumes too :)

  3. Folks it is totally not worth it for buying the whole package if you already have Windows 7 PC installed!
    Microsoft is currently running a promotion online where you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for R125*


  4. Killerloop you are correct but that R125 offer is only for PCs bought in the last few months (between 2 June 2012 to 31 January 2013).
    Anything older than that you will need to buy the full priced upgrade option.

    1. Correct. However, no proof of payment/receipt asked by Microsoft. It mesmerises me how they will deduce purchase date upon upgrade installation. Aaaaah russian roulette!

  5. Incredible has their Win8 Pro for R699 - "save R1800"
    So then begs the question... What will it retail for?

  6. Who is going to be the guinea pig? I actually think that they will use the original windows activation date to verify that it is a new serial number and recently purchased PC.

    1. As far as I know (after a reasonable amount of research) there is no retail version of windows 8. Only oems and upgrades, hence the deal should be a fail.

  7. Microsoft, as far as I am aware is allowing all previous licensed owners of Windows 7 and Windows Vista upgrade via download to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99. Incredible connection has also advertised this previously, subject to ZAR exchange rate.
    This offer ends at the end of January 2013. Normal upgrade pricing is effective after that. New PCs from the last few months don't get a different price from older licences of Windows 7 and Vista.

  8. Copypasta from another forum:
    Guys its a SCAM SCAM SCAM. Both deals from groupon and Incredible connection.

    Friends over at computer mani have contacted MS and I contacted them myself as well, retail copies will not be available in SA until Feb 2013, every physical copy is an upgrade copy and WILL require that you have an installed version of windows. Apparently this batch of copies is also hardware locked so yopu will require to buy a new copy should you choose to upgrade your system.

    Request your refunds NOW!!!!!

    1. Also, Link:

    2. Read this article: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/62978-windows-8-pro-special-pricing-in-sa.html

      Incredible connection said that they will only sell the upgrade. Your friend should have done more research. The groupon one is stated to be the full retail package.

  9. KillerLoop, that price is only if you've purchased a new pc in the last few months. Otherwise the upgrade price will be quite a bit more. The mybroadband article mentioned that this is the full retail boxed version of windows 8 pro. I reckon it's a good deal because the articles i've read so far suggest that windows 8 will end up costing pretty much what windows 7 did. The other thing (for the windows 8 haters out there) is that because this is a retail version and not an oem version, you're even allowed to use this licence to downgrade to windows 7 if you like. A lot of people haven't actually bought windows 7 for their desktops and are probably just using the key off their laptops. This gives you a chance to do own windows legitimately without paying full price. No brainer for me

  10. Only time will tell. There are too many variables and factors to determine if this was a good deal.
    At least Groupon is normally willing to give refunds.
    So if this does turn out to be a "SCAM" or misrepresented upgrade then I suggest you request a refund.

    As for me, I will wait till tomorrow and check out the upgrade options on the windows.com website.

  11. Update:
    See update to the post above.
    The following information just became available on the windows.com website. Get Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Download version for R299, or retail version for R529.
    This pricing indicates that the Groupon deal was in fact overpriced (if it is the upgrade version as we suspect)

    1. Only problem is that, when you click the button, the wizard gives you $39.99 and not the discounted SA price.

  12. It is clear from their updated description that it IS the upgrade verson.

    Not sure where they pulled the R2000 price tag from, this is the version that Microsoft recommends at R529.

    From the groupon description:
    "What you need to know

    This is for an upgrade and you will need either Windows 7, Vista or XP to upgrade
    Reinvented and re-imagined Windows..... snip"

  13. Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Download version $39.99
    Less Windows Upgrade Offer Promotion (enter promotional code on checkout) ($25.00)
    Total Payment $14.99! +=R131

    Backup DVD optional $14.99
    Shipping cost $4.99
    Total $34.97! +-R305

    *Note: PC bought long before June 2012

    Windows 8 Pro now busy downloading!!! (2gb)

  14. False advertising, check here http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/63260-groupon-explains-windows-8-pro-deal-mess.html