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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DEAL FAIL: Slap Chop Chopper over valued by 500% @ Groupon

This morning groupon advertised the Slap Chop Chopper for R499 less a 40% discount to make it R299.

Click on the link below to see why this item is overpriced by 500% and where you can get it for R39:

Funny enough last week I bought one of these, not at Groupon but at Game from the Verimark stand for a bundled R149 for which I got a Twista Chop 'n Go, grater and a set of Shogun peelers. I have since returned it as the chopper is poor, the grater is almost useless and I didn't even bother to open the Shogun peelers.

But that aside here is the evidence as to why I say that Groupon has it overpriced by 500%:

Verimark calls is the Twista Chop 'n Go and as you can see in the pic is comes with the useless grater as well and they selling it at R99.
So verimark has it for R99 vs Prediscounted Groupon price of R499.

If you were thinking of buying this, walk into Game and buy it. At least you can walk back into Game and return it if you don't like it within 14 days.

But if you want it for even less:

Catch of the day has it on sale for R39, without the useless grater (which is a bonus). Factor in the R55 shipping and you almost at the Verimark price. But if you but 10 (to last you a lifetime) you can split the shipping costs per the number of units you buy making it much cheaper than Verimark.

Remember, be a clever consumer and invetigate before you buy. This is yet another dissapointing offer by Groupon.


  1. Excellent work as always!

  2. Damnit Groupon!...But have noticed that their prices are not always on par with reality...

    its a shanme realy.

    Thanks for the headsup

  3. Brilliant work. Thanks for the headsup!

  4. And 5 people have actually bought this deal! LOL

  5. I never expected groupon to stoop so low disgraceful

  6. The way groupon works is: They ask you what is the product worth, they TELL you they will advertise it for 40% less or whatever. Then you only get paid for the groupons that has been used and only 40% of the marketed price. This is why people tend to lie about these things and groupon dont care about.

    So lets say you tell them you want to sell a massage its worth R400.
    They advertise it for R120.
    If someone redeem the voucher you get R58.

    Everything else they keep.