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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

DEAL FAIL: Groupon PVP for R399 - more like 300% overpriced

It seems as if this is going to become a permanent segment to my website called the "DEAL FAIL".
Groupon advertised this morning the "PVP 8bit Game Console in a variety of colours including delivery, valued at R699" which is more than 300% overvalued.

Click on the link below to find out why this is a DEAL FAIL:
I have recently bought 2 of these in Dubai for my nephews for R180 each.
My wife liked the console so much, saying it reminded her of her childhood, that I went looking for one in SA for her birthday. I eventually found one in China Town (Sable Square Cpt) and bargained then down to R230.

At the Groupon discounted selling price of R399 it is 173% more than the SA retail R230 price.
At the Groupon pre-discounted price of R699 it is 304% more than the SA retail R230 price.
Yet they claim that it is 43% cheaper than the standard retail price.

Here's an example of where you can find it cheaper in SA:
Bid or Buy Ad

This just reamfirms my advice given in my "Groupon - Sometimes Cheap, Sometimes Expensive (Inflated Gold Price)" post that you should always double check the value of the Groupon products before you purchase them.


  1. Well spotted! It seems as though Groupon are allowing China products to be sold at premium prices. Just the other day I was conned into buying a cheap China turtle constellation night light at R199!

  2. Excellent catch Fayaaz! please keep up the good work, much appreciated

  3. a few weeks ago there was an iPad 3 64GB on Groupon for R8199 claiming a "up to 70%" saving which is a lie and a "DEAL FAIL". Link http://www.groupon.co.za/deals/national-deals/Groupon-Goods-HN/10885743
    You can get the same product on bidorbuy for R8000 including shipping.

    I won't buy items on groupon because it is never the cheapest. Groupon is only good for "Service deals" like Meals, Spa's, Vacations, etc.

  4. Thanks for the good work.

    Even for "Service deals" like Meals, Spa's, Vacations, etc Groupon is not good. The service providers get only 50% (half) of the money of the already reduced price, so they actually operate at a loss.

    A Spa owner I know worked very hard with all the Groupon vouchers at a loss for about 2months, with the Groupon clients mostly just going to the next Groupon Spa afterwards.

    Only Groupon makes the profit.

  5. Thanks for being honest, and keeping us in the loop. Please continue the good work!

  6. I like the new "deal fail" idea.
    I think you should keep it.

  7. lol.. are the deal fails also regarded as "cold sa deals"? :P
    this site rocks either way