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Friday, 3 August 2012

DEALS: 46" Samsung 46D6000 3D LED Smart TV for R6000 @ Blue Route DionWired (50% off)

Get the series 6 Samsung 46D6000 3D LED Smart TV from the Dionwired in Blue Route Mall Cape Town for only R6000.
This TV sold for R12000 early this year and has since been replaced with a newer model hence the price mark down.
If you don't mind getting an outstanding TV that is one model old this is a huge Bargain!!!

Call the store and speak to Alex on 021 713 7900.

When I called earlier today (3rd August) there was 10 left.


  1. Yea yea.
    Stupid as I am I picked one up.
    Be aware!!! This TV does not display full hd in 3D mode. You can read more here:

    Do the Picture Test, and you will see the TV does not display Full HD in 3D mode.
    Sadly, they also removed the Full HD sign form teh Box and description...

    Dont buy this TV

  2. BloggerPlus App5 August 2012 at 12:56

    Wow. Did not know this. So even when you use a full hd Blu ray player it still does not play in full hd 3D?
    Other than the 3D issue how else does the TV function? The 100Hz motion flow and clarity? Is that still good. Because 3D to me is a secondary perk and not the primary reason to buy a tv.

    At R6000 you will not be able to find a 100Hz motion flow 46" LED tv making this still a good buy in my eyes.

  3. I have to admit, you dont notice the upscale (defect. I watched 2 3D movies last night and did not notice anything.
    I have that famous "LED cloud" occurring in all 4 corners and only found about the 3D defect after googling for the clouding.
    Other than the 3D defect, the Picture Quality is outstanding.

    The 100hz motion works as promised and delivers a very very smooth image. I have seen R12.000+ TV's not delivering the same smoothness.

    The TV has a few display options to play with, so any user will find the right sweet spot :)

    If you are buying this TV purely for 3D, I advice not too. There is an LG 2011 model priced slighter more, that can deliver 3D in full HD.

    On the other hand, for R6000, you will not find a better TV offering what it has to dish out.

    My post above might sound a little hosh, but I got tricked into thinking that I am buying a TV that can deliver Full HD in 3D.
    I am contacting Dionwired tomorrow and will ask for my options - in the end, if they can only offer me a refund, I will just keep the TV :)

    1. did you call today? what did they offer?

  4. PS, when I picked mine up yesterday, they only had 2 units left @ Blue Route mall.

    1. I phoned on Saturday, and that guy (Alex) told me it was all sold out...

    2. i got mine on sunday, i called and reserved 2 on friday

    3. I called on Saturday morning, a message was taken for him to call me back, but he didnt, so I called just after lunch..."Sold out" was the reply.

  5. BloggerPlus App5 August 2012 at 15:00

    I thought as much that the 2D picture quality would be great. I just bought me the new Samsung 46ES6200 last week for R11000 and im loving it but if this deal was out then I would have never bought that.

    As for the full hd LG beware. Check this video out:

    I was leaning towards the LG then watched this video and noticed those lines on the TV when I was up close. So that is truly not full HD.

    If you got one of these TVs you are lucky because 98% of the time most users are going to be using it in 2D anyway.

    Personally I dislike 100Hz for movies but for gaming it makes a huge difference. Jumping across roof tops in Infamous 2 with 100Hz on you can actually see the city go by and everything is not just a blur.

  6. Lol looks like some people do not know the difference between active and passive 3d.

    1. The Samsung D6xx range displays 3D in half 1080p and that equals to passive 3D all though it is supposed to be active 3D and display 1080p in full when running 3D.

      Afaik only LG and Hisense use the passive technology.

  7. What is this difference?

  8. Active lets each eye see a different but full resolution picture because it completely blocks out one eye and let's the other eye see the picture. Active sets are usually darker and require batteries. Passive would be like what you wear in the movies. The cheap glasses make it popular but since it splits one picture into two separate pictures 4 each eye you only get half the resolution and thus some people feel robbed. Hope that helps