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Monday, 20 August 2012

DEALS: 1TB portable hard drive plus 3G modem and data for R999 @ Makro

Last week I posted a deal at Makro for a 1TB 2.5" portable Pakard Bell hard drive for R899.
For a R100 extra you can get the same hard drive plus a USB modem and 100MB of data per month for 12 months.
Thats a bargain for an R100 considering the modem is probably worth R200 - R300 once off and the data about R50 per month.

So if you haven't bought the R899 hard drive I suggest buying this bundle.

Click on the image above to be linked to the pamphlet on the Makro website.

This is only available until the 27th August.

Thanks Darshan for the tip.

1 comment:

  1. hi they had a deal about the 2 T.B hard disk for only 1000 rand which was quite a good deal. i was there on saturday, to my surprise the stock was already finished. i came home and checked on the internet, it showed that they still got in stock, sunday i phone them and they refuse, saying that the web page update every next morning. kept quite. the next day check again, still available. yesterday check again, finished in ottery but in stock in milnerton according to their web advert. but if you phone them, not available in stock. who should be responsible for this lazyness not to upgrade the web page regularly or makro administration is lying to the people that its available on the web pages/internet but its not available in store. shakeel, retreat, cape town ifrahkhan0375@hotmail.com