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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

EXPIRED - DEALS: HTC Desire S for R998 or a BB Curve 9300 for R1598

8ta is having a Hot Spot Sale on certain handsets on both contract and prepaid packages.

If you wanted to break into the Android market at a budget then the HTC Desire S is the perfect phone. The Desire S is the successor to the best Android phone of 2010 (HTC's Desire).
Get it on prepaid for R998 or on contract for R50 pm x 24.
This is a high end HTC phone at the price of a budget cheapie android device.

If you sill interested in Blackberries then you can get the BB Curve 9300 for a cheap R1598. Note that on the ad it states that it is subject to BIS activation.
Please enquire at the store as to the cost of the obligations.

There are many other specials as well.
Click here to be directed to the full catalogue.

These speciasl are available until the 31 May 2012.


  1. Great special and all that, but good luck with getting stock!

  2. BloggerPlus App2 May 2012 at 08:01

    Let me know if anyone has luck with these specials.

  3. Very Very nice deal!
    Great finding Fayaaz.
    Thank you for the post.
    Besides the possibility of stock issues. I would say, many will appreciate this.

  4. It was actually a user that informed me about the deal. Thanks Raees for pointing out this special.
    I'm even thinking of getting this just to mess around with Android. I'm an apple fanboy but I like diversity as well.

  5. what is the actual price of the HTC Desire S on the market at the moment? Would like to know what good a deal this is.

  6. I tried googling a price and it's all over the show. There are some sites that say it costs over R5500 @ pricecheck (http://m.pricecheck.co.za/offers/20559841/HTC+Desire+S/). Then I've seen it for R3000 on Gumtree. MTN also had it on special two month ago for R89 pm.
    I would still say this is the best prepaid price I've seen around.

  7. According to various reports in forums there is hardly stock of anything at the branches. The few items that were available was snapped up by yesterday already.

  8. yes Fayaaz, the prices of the HTC are far apart. So I just wanted to know the true value. Thanks!