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Saturday, 14 April 2012

DEALS: 19" Samsung LCD Monitor with 16GB USB Flash for R599

Get the Samsung 19" LCD Monitor for only R599 and get a 16GB Flash drive free valued at about R150.
This essentially making the monitor R450.
This sale is available till the 15 April 2012.
Click on the image above to be directed to the deal.

Another decent but not great deal at Incredible Connection is the iPod Touch for R1799 with a free pouch. The original price is R1999 without a pouch.
See below.

Thanks to Nicodium for the tip off.


  1. Hi Fayaaz,

    I sadly had to inform you that the size of the screen is not 19" but is 18.5". I recently purchased one similar(also with the model number including "19" in it), but measured it to find it at 18.5". Also, 19" screens normally come with the resolution, 1440 x 900.

    That said, the screen is still cheaper then any other screen on the market. I got mine from a wholesaler, and didn't get it that cheap.

    Thank you as always for the update on deals.


  2. Kavir,
    Thanks for the insight. As you said even for an 18.5" it is still a great bargain.
    Although I just heard that you can pick up 16GB flash drives for R100 but still again this monitor is a good price at R500.


  3. A monitor that uses LCD technologies rather than the conventional CRT technologies used by most desktop touch screen lcd monitor.