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Friday, 9 March 2012

NEWS: Apple iPad 2 price cuts in SA

In anticipation of the iPad 3rd generation launch Core has reduced the prices of the existing iPad 2 devices in circulation.
For more information see table below and link to article on mybroadband.co.za:

iPad 2 modelCore (ZA) – NewCore (ZA) – PreviousCore (ZA) – Launch
16GB Wi-FiR 3,999R 4,999R 4,399
32 GB Wi-FiR 5,199R 6,199R 5,399
64 GB Wi-FiR 6,199R 7,199R 6,399
16GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 5,299R 6,499R 5,599
32GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 6,599R 7,599R 6,599
64 GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 7,299R 8,699R 7,599

1 comment:

  1. The best deal available in SA is till here
    32GB Wi-Fi + 3G sold at R5.265 and help a life less fortunate at the same time.