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Saturday, 24 March 2012

SOLD OUT - DEALS: PS3 Game Killzone 3 bundled with a Dualshock PS3 Controller for R199

Kalahari has Killzone 3 bundled with a limited edition Green Dual shock controller for R199.
This is an amazing price considering if bought separately they would easily cost more than R600.
Click on either image to be directed to the deal

Thanks to That's a Deal Breaker for informing me of the deal.


  1. LoL. Nicccccccce! Thanks for posting this CRAZY bargain! However, It's absolutely guaranteed that ALLOT of people will not receive their order/s. Kalahari is most certainly going to refund a few people. The number of orders for this item is sky rocketing by now! LoL, I can already see the expression on the sales/control rep's face when he/she is organizing the sales on Monday.

    WAT!? Hoeveel bestellings sê tjy?...Eykona! O_O

    And of course, because it's the weekend, they have no control over their Stock-Sales control (I doubt the database is keeping track, taking into account how many people have posted on Forums saying I have already ordered X amount and the item is STILL in stock O_O). Don't be disappointed (that includes me) if you receive a nifty email on Monday saying something in the line of: "Due to unforeseen stock limits, a full refund has been made". This has happened quite a few times in the past. However, I could be completely wrong. Maybe they simply have allot of stock...Maybe I'm being pessimistic.

    All in all, Hope everyone who ordered one of these bad boys get their order/s (That includes me). Enjoy.

    1. Unfortunately for me, you were right :(

  2. Amazing deal, hope its still on!

  3. Would anyone who received the item please respond as i believe that kalahari.com had mad a huge mistake by advertising the product at that price and have sent a dispatch of emails stating that they ran out of stock as an excuse to cover their losses! I have complained by replying to this email and have sent a report to hellopeter.com to which they have replied to everyone in the same way. This is not acceptable from the large retail company and we got to do something about it.

  4. Mo,
    I feel the same way and also received the same email. I replied expressing my dissatisfaction with their handling of the situation.
    The part in the email that states "Unfortunately we ran out of stock on this item just as your order was placed. " is such lies as I know people that ordered the controller a day later than me and received the same email.
    I would expect them to come out with the truth instead of this lie.

    Very disappointing Kalahari!!!

  5. I also had the same sad story, it's funny how stock ran out the NO ONE knew till today.

  6. It seems that Kalahari has given all customers that has bought this package a R200 voucher to make up for the mess up. I received one. Has the rest of you received a voucher as well?

  7. Amazing deal, hope its still on!