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Saturday, 31 March 2012

EXPIRED - OPENING SALE: Hirsch's opening in Milnerton Sunday 1April 2012

Hirsch's is opening in Milnerton tomorrow and they having some good specials. This is what I extracted from the Weekend Argus. Not sure if there is more information on the website.
Sorry for the quality.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

EXPIRED - OPENING SALE: BT Games Blue Route Mall - Kinect with Mass Effect 3 for R1749

BT Gamaes Blue Route Mall is opening 31st March and has some decent specials below such as the Kinect with Mass Effect 3 for R1749 as well as Forza 4 or Gears of War 3 for R329. 

Click on the image below to be directed to the BT Games website.

EXPIRED - OPENING SALE: Incredible Connection Blue Route Mall - PS3 for R1999

Incredible Connection is having some great opening specials at their new Blue Route Mall store for the next 4 days. The sale started this morning so I would suggest that you call the store first to find out about stock availability.
Click on the banner above to be directed to the full catalougue.
See some of the highlights below.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OPENING SALES: 3 New Game Stores Opening 28 and 29 March 2012

Game is opening 3 new stores:

28 March 2012
Jubilee Mall

29 March 2012

Click on the banner above to be directed to the opening specials.
There's not a lot of brilliant deals but it is definitely worth checking out like the 51" HD Ready Plasma for R5999.

OPENING SALE: DIONWIRED Blue Route Mall opening 29 March - 59" 3D TV for R14000

DionWired is opening in Toka Blue Route Mall on the 29th March with some great deals. I have extracted some of the deals below but click on the banner above to view the full catalogue.

DEALS: DSTV Mobile Drifta Decoder for R389 until midday 29 March 2012

24hoursonly.com is offering the DSTV Mobile Drifta Decoder for R389.
This is the Wifi version that normally retails for R599.
This deal is only available until midday 29 March 2012.
Click on the image above to be directed to the deal.

Monday, 26 March 2012

DEALS: Xbox 360 250Gb with Forza 3 for only R2000 @ Dionwired Online

DionWired's Blue Monday deals does it again.
Get a Xbox 360 250Gb with Forza 3 for only R2000.
This is a real bargain.
Deal only valid today and for delivery to Gauteng only.
Click on the image above to access the deal.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

DEALS: Collectors Edition of Deus Ex Game for Xbox or PS3 for only R199

Get the collectors edition of Dues Ex Human Revolution for
from Kalahari.com for only R199.

It comes with awesome extras such as a limited edition action figure.

Thanks to "That's a deal breaker" for making me aware of this deal.

SOLD OUT - DEALS: PS3 Game Killzone 3 bundled with a Dualshock PS3 Controller for R199

Kalahari has Killzone 3 bundled with a limited edition Green Dual shock controller for R199.
This is an amazing price considering if bought separately they would easily cost more than R600.
Click on either image to be directed to the deal

Thanks to That's a Deal Breaker for informing me of the deal.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Exhibition: Samsung Connect Cape Town -Samsung Brings CES to Cape Town - 25 March 2012

Get down to the CTICC this coming Sunday the 25th March 2012 to experience what people are calling the CES of Cape Town. This will probably be the closest that SA will come to hosting an event like the Consumer Electronic Show so take advantage of this opportunity to attend.
The show is open to the public on Sunday for free from 10am - 6pm.
I will defintely be attending in order to scout for those ever elusive bargains and deals on the latest tech.
Don't worry if I see anything interesting I won't keep it a secret.

Click on the image above to be directed to the Samsung's Facebook page where you can get more information.

PS. I hope they have the new Samsung Smart Window on demo at the show, if you haven't seen this please click on the link below:

OPENING SALE: BT Games Tygervalley and Blue Route

BT Games is reopening the Tygervalley store and opening a new store in Blue Route.
See some of the speicials that they are having in celebration of the store openings.
Click on the image below for a link to the BT Games website:

BEST BUY: Makro Specials - LG 47" 3D LED TV for R9999, 32" FHD LCD TV for R3299 etc

This week Makro has some great specials on TVs and various other items as well.
One of the best deals is the LG 3D 47" 100Hz LED TV for R9999 with 9 sets of 3D glasses.

Sale is on till the 26th March 2012

To see some highlights of what is on special as well as a link to the online catalouge click on the link below:

Monday, 19 March 2012

EXPIRED - BLUE MONDAY: Get the Canon Ixus1000 HS for R1000 or the D550 with 3 lenses for R7000

Check out the Dionwired's Blue Monday specials below.
They are offering these two Canon cameras with great discount.
The Canon Ixus 1000 HS is a steal at the price of R1000.
Click on the images below for more information.

Remember that these deals are for online purchases only and for delivery in Jhb.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

DEALS: Forza Motorsport 4 on Xbox 360 for R273 @ The Hut

Get Forza Motorsport 4 for R273 from The Hut in the UK including delivery (£19.95+£0.99 x R13) .
This excludes the cost of customs which might be charged.

Click on the image below to be directed to the link.

Friday, 16 March 2012

DEALS: Xbox 360 for R1199 with 12 Month Uncapped ADSL contract

If you have an existing uncapped ADSL account but not bound by a contract then this is a good opportunity to get R1000 off an Xbox 360 as well as a free adsl router when signing a 12 month Uncapped Mweb ADSL pacakge for R219 p/m.
See information below taken from the Game special catelogue for this week.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

EXPIRED - BEST BUY: Samsung 40" LED for R6000, LG 1TB 2.5" HDD for R1000

This week we have 3 good deals.
2 from DionWired and 1 from Game
Get the Samsung 40D5500 40" LED TV for R6000 from DionWired.
This is a great price for fully featured LED TV.
Get this LG 1TB 2.5" portable hard drive for R1000 from DionWired.
This is a great price especially with the current high hard drive prices.
If you looking for a budget LCD TV then this Sony FHD 40" TV is great at R4699 at Game.

Monday, 12 March 2012

DEALS: FNB Drops iPad 2 deal from R205 to R165 pm

After the annoucement of the next generation iPad being launch on the 16th of March (overseas) Core has dropped the prices of their iPad 2 range as previously posted here.

This has now been followed by FNB dropping their subsidised iPad 2 packages to a low as R165 pm (24 months term).

See table below for price plans.

Click here for more information on the FNB website.

DeviceMonthly price (Device only - on 24 month contract)*Gold Cheque Account (Total amnt.)*Platinum Cheque Account (Total amnt.)*Private Clients Account (Total amnt.)
Apple iPad 2 16GB 3G Wi-FiR219 (was R265)R311 (R219 + R92)R329 (R219 + R110)R329 (R219 + R110)
Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi OnlyR165 (was R205)R257 (R165 + R92)R275 (R165 + R110)R275 (R165 + R110)

*Prices are combined with normal monthly account fee's - R92 p/m for Gold, R110 p/m for Platinum and Private.

Information extracted from iPhoneza.co.za and can be seen here.

EXPIRED - DEALS: PSP Go + 10 Games for R999 today only online at DionWired

DionWired's blue monday deal this week is the PSP Go for R999.
This is a very cheap price considering it comes with 10 games.
BUT a few thing that you must take into consideration:
  • PSP Go works on downloading the games and not UMD disk like the original (you need lots of bandwidth)
  • The new PSVita just came out (plus R2600) and hence they are selling this at such a cheap price.
This is a perfect buy for those who are looking for a cheap way to keep the kids entertained on a holiday without spending loads of money.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

DEALS: Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headphones for R835 @ Expansys (45% off)

Get the Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headphones for R835 @ Expansys.
Delivery is approximately R90 which total R925 which still make it R575 cheaper than the retail stores that are selling it for R1500.
Click on the image above to be directed to the deal on the Expansys website.

DEALS: Mass Effect 3 with Silver wireless controller on Xbox360 for R699

Just found this great special in store at BT Games Tygervalley.
Get Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360 with a silver wireless controller plus play and charge kit for R699.
They only have 5 left at the Tygervalley store.
So essentially you paying R200 for a controller seeing that you can get Mass Effect 3 at kalahari for R499.

Friday, 9 March 2012

NEWS: Apple iPad 2 price cuts in SA

In anticipation of the iPad 3rd generation launch Core has reduced the prices of the existing iPad 2 devices in circulation.
For more information see table below and link to article on mybroadband.co.za:

iPad 2 modelCore (ZA) – NewCore (ZA) – PreviousCore (ZA) – Launch
16GB Wi-FiR 3,999R 4,999R 4,399
32 GB Wi-FiR 5,199R 6,199R 5,399
64 GB Wi-FiR 6,199R 7,199R 6,399
16GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 5,299R 6,499R 5,599
32GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 6,599R 7,599R 6,599
64 GB Wi-Fi + 3GR 7,299R 8,699R 7,599

UPDATE - DEALS: Get an Apple iPad 2 3G 32GB for about R5265 (30% off)

Update:  Apple iPad 2 price cuts across the board. See link below for details:

I was just informed about this deal where through interaction on the website you can reduce the price of the iPad 2 down to R5265 from the normal retail price of R7500.

This was passed onto me by a follower of the website so I cannot verify the legitimacy of the company.
I suggest you do a bit more research but also keep in mind that the new iPad will be launched in SA in April so other stores might also be dropping their prices soon.

Click on the image above to access the deal.
For more infomation about madai click link below:
Link to madai website

UPDATE - URGENT DEAL: Price Mistake - iLuv Artstation Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab only R176 @ kalahari.net (Normal price R1352)

UPDATE: In less than an hour after posting this deal the item is now Out of Stock at Kalahari.

Get the iLuv Artstation Pro Dock for Samsung Galaxy Tab for only R176.95.
This is definitely a price error as the normal price overseas is $169 (R1352).
Grab this before they remove it from the website.
Click on the image above to be directed to the link.

For more info about the dock go to:

Thank for the tip off Ian.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

DEALS: 24" LG LCD Monitor for R1499 @ Incredible Connection

Get the LG W2443T monitor for R1499.95.
23+ inch monitors over the past has been quite expensive and this is the first sign of it dipping below R1500 again.
If you in the market for a large PC monitor then this is a good deal.
Click on the image above to be directed to the deal on the Incredible Connection website.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BEST BUY: 32" Samsung Full HD LCD TV (32D550) with media player for R3499 @ Hifi Corporation

Get the Samsung 32D550 32inch FHD LCD TV.
What makes this TV great is the built in media player and features.
It is worth a check if you in the market for a 32" TV.
Click on the image below for a link to the Hifi Corp specials page.

Game has this same TV on special this week for R3999, so if you want it at Game ask them to match the Hifi Corporation price.

Monday, 5 March 2012

DEALS: Batman Arkham City on PS3 or Xbox 360 for R252 @ Zavvi

Get Batman Arkham City for only R252 ([£19.95 + £1] x R12).
Click on the image above to check out the deal.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

DEALS: 5% off the MacBook Pro / Air or iMac for Students @ Incredible Connection

Incredible connection is offering students the opportunity to get hold of a sweet new MacBook or iMac for 5% less.

The following computers are on offer:

MacBook Air 11” – R9500.00 (normal price: R9999.95)
iMac 21.5” – R11 875.00 (normal price: R12 499.95)
MacBook Pro 13” – R12 350.00 (student price: R12 999.95)

To be eligible for this discount, just bring proof that you are a student, and it’s all yours. Please contact your nearest store to make sure that you bring the correct documentation along.

Click on the image above to see the original posting of this deal on the Incredible Connection Blog.