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Monday, 21 November 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Get up to 60% off on a SACamera.co.za discount Voucher (eg. R170 for a 16GB SD Card)

Click on the image above to access this deal.
This is the perfect christmas gift or at least a discount on that perfect gift you would like to buy.
Groupon together with SAcamera.co.za is offering the following discount vouchers:
  • R 50 for a R100 voucher (50% off)
  • R 90 for a R200 voucher (55% off)
  • R120 for a R300 voucher (60% off) 
As an example you can take the R300 voucher and get a Sandisk 16GB SD card for R170 in total (R350 -R180).
There are many such options on the site.
Please make sure you check the shipping charges or if you in Cape Town you can elect to collect it yourself.
Note that this deal is on available to buy on Groupon till the end of today (21 Nov 2011)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Hot Deals.

    Wow it's hot in here, but seems your broken page link is whats burning.

    SA Camera is no longer a valid link reference as their business has closed down.

    But we'd like to notify you that mycamera.co.za is a new and cool online store that sells cameras and photographic equipment across SA.

    We're all online (full ecommerce site) and we'd really appreciate a reference on your site.


    Have a great day