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Friday, 21 October 2011

EXPIRED - Makro Grand Opening Sale: Montague Gardens Store - Xbox 360 250GB for R1999, PSP for R999 plus many more

Makro is giving a huge SALE on the 26th October 2011 in celebration of the Milnerton branch relocating to a new premises in Montague Gardens.

Sale starts at 7am so come on guys it's time to wake up early and start queuing.

Please follow the link below to see some of the items on sale as well as the link to the full catalogue:

To view the Catalogue from the Makro website click on the link below:
Link to Full Catalogue
Link to Catalogue in parts

Here are some of the highlights that I have picked up from the catalogue:

Xbox 360 250GB:

Samsung 40" (102cm) Full HD LED TV (UA40D5000) with DLNA (big plus), 4 x HDMI inputs and a 3 year guarantee for R5799:

Sony PSP plus Wall-E game for R999:
(Note that the new version of the PSP is due in 2012)

Samsung 46" (117cm) Full HD LED TV (UA46D5000) with SmartTV (big plus), All share and a 3 year guarantee for R8799:

High Back Office Chair for R699:

Addis Combo Set for R79:

Samsung 40" (102cm) Full HD LCD TV (LA40D503) with only 1 x HDMI (big minus) and no video via USB for R4299
(If you are on a budget this TV is not bad but if you can afford more go for the 40" LED for R5799 as shown above):

Philips Micro Hifi with iPod Dock for R599:


  1. What time do you reckon will be ok to stand in the line? (to get the products)

  2. DO you think i can go to another Makro and demand these prices? Lmfao. Worth a try. The samsung 40" LED is a deal and a half!!!

  3. Where are the 500 Sony Bravia 40 inch TV Heart FM has been broadcasting for you? Was it a lie?
    Well, I feel deceived as my hubby couldn't find one this morning in your store except Samsung. I don't know if I should not trust you or Heart???

  4. Hi,
    Please take up issue with Makro or maybe Hellopeter them. I'm sorry my power goes only as far a reporting on what is published. I'm not affiliated to the companies where the deal are taking place.


  5. I was there yesterday, It is Waoooooh

  6. Well done on a great opening!!!!!!

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