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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (29 Sept - 2 Oct 2011): 1Tb Potable Hdd R699, Xbox 360 plus Kinect Bundle R2999

This week we have some amazing birthday specials from Hifi Corporation to report on.
Their prices this week are so good that I only feature one item from Game.
They have loads on special and I will be highlighting some of them just after the link below.

EXPIRED - DEALS: DStv Drifta mobile Decoder on Sale for R399 @ 24hoursonly.co.za (Save 34%)

24hoursonly.co.za is selling the DStv Mobile Drifta Decoder for R399. This is a 34% saving over the original price of R599.
This deal is only available until midday tomorrow the 29th of September 2011.
Note that this does not included delivery.

For more information, delivery costs and a link to the deal click on the link below:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

EXPIRED - UPDATED - DEALS: FNB Super Savers Promo: DStv HD PVR for R999, Samsung 32" FHD LED TV for R3499

UPDATE: See comments below. The HD PVR is sold out and the Full HD Samsung LED TV is only HD ready.

FNB has starting their Super Savers promotion and they have quite a few good items on sale. These specials are only applicable to FNB and eBucks clients. To find out more about what's on special click on the link below:

Monday, 26 September 2011

DEALS: MTN true uncapped full speed internet package for R299

MTN has announced that it will be removing the fair use policy for their Uncapped Lite package from the 1st October 2011 - 31 January 2012.

Before the MTN Uncapped Lite package was governed by a fair use policy where after the use of the first 3GB of Internet data at 14.4Mbps you will be restricted to a slower connection of 128kbps. So you still have Internet just a snails pace (approx. 100x slower than a 14.4Mbps speed).

After the 4 month full speed un-throttled data period MTN may decide to reinstate the fair use policy or may decide not to. The unfortunate dilemma is that this offer comes with a 24 month contract period which would normally leave you locked in for 24 months. But with the CPA you are allowed to cancel any contract with 20 days notice without the full penalty of paying for the full term (this is capped at a max of 10%). Keep in mind that if you cancel the contract you will be liable for the repayment of the modem hardware and some either minor cancellation charges. My advice would be to discuss this with MTN before you sign the contract. Then work out the costs vs benefits and decide.

Hopefully MTN will not reinstate the fair use policy and maybe even increase it to 10GB instead of 3GB.
If you do not have a permanent Telkom land line and you want a much faster than 384kbps adsl connection speed then this product is the  perfect deal for you.

For more information on this announcement visit the mybroadband.co.za article in the link below:
True uncapped mobile broadband from MTN at R299

For more information in CPA and cell phone contracts visit the link below:
Cellphone contracts: how the CPA benefits you

The image above was taken from the MTN Yellow Trader August Brochure:

Thursday, 22 September 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Chaos Computers Willowbridge birthday sale: Laptops from R1999 and Canon DSLR cameras for R2999

Chaos Computers in Willowbridge Cape Town is celebration their 1st birthday with some great bargains.
The sale starts tomorrow at 8am and the first 100 customers receives a free goodie bags.
See highlights from the ad below as well as the full page ad right at the bottom.

Good luck and happy bargain hunting.

MSI P6200 Notebook for R1999 (50% off normal price)

Western Digital 500GB 2.5" External Hard drive for R299

Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR Camera Bundle R2999

Click on the image below to view the full sized advert.

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (22 - 25 September 2011): Great TV & Xbox prices at House & Home's Price Buster Specials

House and Home seems to have some great "Price Busters" specials this week.
See some of the highlights of what is available at your favourite merchants below.

(Click on the images below for links to the specials on the retailers website)

LG 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre for only R1999 @ Makro
Seems like the DVD home theatre systems will be phased out soon.

If you forgot to pre order Gears of War 3 don't worry you can still get it for Xbox 360 for R499 @ Makro

TV pricing are dropping again.
Get a Samsung Full HD 46" LCD TV for R6999 @ Makro

Please note that there is no links to the House & Home site in the reports below as these special were scanned in from the pamphlet that came with the Tyger Burger newspaper this week.

Samsung 32" Full HD LCD for only R3289 @ House & Home

Samsung 40" Full HD LCD for only R4689 @ House & Home

Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor for R1799 @ House & Home

Xbox 360 250GB plus the Kinect for R3799 @ House & Home
If you take the R1799 price of the Kinect off the special below you essentially getting a 250GB Xbox 360 for R2000. That is a bargain.

Monday, 19 September 2011

DEALS: Get the Uncharted 1 & 2 bundle on PS3 for only R228 @ The Hut

The Hut has Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for a measly £17.99.
Add another £1 for shipping to SA and you can get this for R228 (based on an exchange rate of R12).
If you unfortunate to have your item stopped at customs you will need to pay an additional VAT charge and service fee which is approx an additional 25% at most working out to a total of R285 for both games.
This is an absolute bargain and a must for every PS3 owner. You cannot miss the opportunity to play these brilliant titles before the release of Uncharted 3 which is around the corner

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (15 - 18 September 2011)

(Click on the images below for links to the specials on the retailers website)

Bar Stool for R299 @ Game

Samsung 40" LCD Full HD TV for R4999 @ Game

LG 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System for R2299 @ Game
This is not a bargain but if you in the market for a Blu-ray player then this is not a bad deal considering you getting the home theatre and a DLNA streaming media player all in one.

LG i3 Processor Laptop for R3499 @ DionWired

LG i5 Processor Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium for R4799 @ DionWired

This special is a repeat post from earlier this week but it worth another mention:
Get the Full Band Hero Set plus a DJ Hero Turntable plus games for R999 @ Makro

Saturday, 10 September 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: DSTV Drifta Mobile Decoder for R499 @ Incredible Connection

Incredible Connection has the DSTV DRIFTA Mobile decoder on sale for R499.95.
That is a saving of a R100 off the normal retail price.

Click on the image above for more information and a link to the deal.

There is no indication on the website as to when the sale will end.

DEALS: Band Hero full band set plus DJ Hero for R999 @ Makro

Makro is selling out their Band Hero full band set which includes the guitar, mic, drums and the game and as a bonus you get the DJ Hero Turntable and game as well.

Makro has this valued at R2999 which makes this deal 66% off the normal price. I value this at R1999 which is still a 50% saving.

The sale starts on the 11th September and ends on the 19th.

Friday, 9 September 2011

DEALS: Band Hero for Xbox 360 (Game only) for R75 @ The Hut

Band Hero for Xbox 360 @ The Hut is 90% off the normal price and selling for £4.99.
The Hut delivers to South Africa for free.

If we use an inflated exchange rate of R12 per pound and a possible 25% customs we get:
(£4.99 x R12) + 25% = R75

This would make a great addition to your Guitar Hero collection and seeing that it is more pop orientated you can market it to the younger kids as well.

Click on the image above for a link to the deal.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

EXPIRED - UPDATE - Deal: Sony Bravia 32" (inch) Full HD LED TV for R2238 @ Zappon

UPDATE 2: They have now removed the special from the site completely hence the link below is not working. But I was informed that the guys that managed to get the deal and their money deducted will get the TV. Will keep this post updated as I get more information.

UPDATE: Seems like they spotted the mistake and the site is now down.

Not sure if this is a mistake but Zappon today has the Sony Bravia 32" LED TV on sale for R2238.

It might say purchase for R4199 in the description but when you click buy it indicates R2238 as shown in the image below.
Start clicking and get your 32inch LED for 63% off.

Click on the image below for a link to the deal:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (08 - 11 September 2011)

I am planning on taking a different approach at drawing up "The Weekly Roundup". Instead of populating a list of the cheapest TVs in each category I am going to only report on deals that are definitely worth while mentioning.

Please see new poll on the right hand column where you can vote to either have "The Weekly Roundup" return to normal or choose to only see the good stuff.
Please also leave any comment and suggestions below.

(Click on the images below for links to the specials on the retailers website)

74cm Logik Flat Screen CRT TV for R999 (44% saving) @ Game

Samsung 3D Bluray Home Theatre System (HTD5300) for R2299 (34% saving) @ Game

LG 32" (80cm) FHD LCD TV 32LK430 for R3499 @ Makro

Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2010 (Family Pack) for R699 @ Makro
This is a family pack which allows you to install the office suite onto 3 devices with one licence key.

DSTV Drifta Mobile Decoder for R539 @ House and Home
Perfect and just in time for the Rugby World Cup. Watch it in the office or on the mover.

DSTV HD PVR + DSTV Drifta Mobile Decoder for R1699 @ Nashua Online
Normal Price = R1299 (HD PVR) + R599 (Drifta) = R1898
Save R200

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Yamaha Home Theatre HDMI Amplfier RX-V367 for R2490 @ Audio Vision

Audio Vision is having a sale on the Yamaha Home Theatre Amplifier RX-V367 for R2490.

This amplifier even though it does not have Dolby HD or DTS HD  it will still decode your HDMI signal in normal Dolby Digital or DTS. You cannot go wrong at the price of R2490 with 4 x HDMI inputs. Second hand 5 year old Yamaha amplifiers on gumtree sells for this price.

Click below for larger images:

Click on the link below for more information about this amplifier from Yamaha: