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Friday, 17 June 2011

DEALS: Update 2 - Family Game Night 3 on Xbox360 for only R67 @ The Hut

UPDATE 2: I have just been and informed and also verified that South Africa has been added back to the list of countries they deliver to.

UPDATE: I have been informed that The Hut doesn't have an option for South Africa on the checkout. I personally have an account there. Last time I queried it they said it was a glitch on the system. I would suggest you contact them to add your SA address.

Family Game Night 3 on the Xbox360 is on sale at The Hut including delivery for £4.85 which equates to R67 including customs.

Click here for information


  1. How much is customs on game imports?

  2. Customs is usually 7% plus 14% VAT and a small service charge. In general add a 25% to the price and you should be covered.

  3. No matter what, customs will always be at least 14% VAT on 110% of the value of the package (A set exchange rate is used and only updated monthly) AND then they charge a R12.50 clearance fee as well.

    Then only do they look at the ad valorem excise duty - this % would depend on what is inside the package and under what tariff heading it falls under. Cellphones eg gets a 7% tariff duty.

    'Gift' packages valued at under ~R400 tends to go through un'harmed'.

    Ah, and I almost forgot. What on earth is this about 'The Hut doesn't have an option for South Africa on the checkout'? I personally created an account and bought a few stuffies from them just few days ago, on the 18th of June '11. It allowed me to select South Africa just fine... will have to see what happens I guess.

  4. I have just checked now and they put South Africa and the other countries back on the delivery options.

    Thanks for the info id13.

  5. Yes. I created an account and ordered something to be delivered to South Africa last night. So can confirm the SA option is back.

  6. w00t, My order was finally dispatched. Now it is the long wait till it actually arrives ...

  7. Holy heck, the game I ordered and that was dispatched on 23/24 June... arrived in my postbox this afternoon! Awesome awesome stuff eksĂȘ. That works out to ~5 working days. Takes the SAPO longer to deliver a simple domestic letter. Lol