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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (12 - 15 May 2011) 40" FHD for R4999 & Toilet Paper for R72.99

This week sees the return of the 40" full HD LCD for  R4999. This is the Samsung 40C530 model which I personally have myself. It is an excellent TV and play almost all media including HD MKV files straight from the USB port. The 40C530 has been replaced by the 40D550 and hence the sale price of R4999.

Best Buys:

LCD TV 32 inch:
No FHD TVs for under R3500 so there is nothing I can recommend.

LCD TV 40-42 inch:
Samsung 40" (100cm) FHD LCD 40C530 @ Hifi Corp for R4999 (Plus 3 Year Guarantee)

LCD TV 46-50inch:

LG 47" (119cm) FHD LCD 47LD460 @ Makro for R7799

LED TV 32 inch :
Samsung 32" (80cm) HD Ready LED UA32C4000 @ Hifi Corp for R3999


LED TV 40-42 inch :
LG 42" (107cm) FHD LED LE5300 @ Game for R6999

LED TV 46-50 inch :
Nothing I can recommend this week.

Nothing I can recommend this week.

Baby Soft 2 Ply Toiler Paper 18 pack for R72.99 at Game. Click image below for full advert.

1 comment:

  1. regarding those Samsung 40/42 inch LCD's. This is most likely the last of these deals as the new lines have been/are in the process of being released. The extra 3year guarantee is a nice touch as well - i might jsut get me one as well.
    I would've like to see the 46" Samsung version going on sale at the LG 46" Price :) hehe!

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