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Monday, 18 April 2011

Guide to International Online Shopping: Step 1 - Get yourself a PayPal account

You have to love PayPal, in my view it is the gateway drug to an online shopping addiction

It is:
  • Safe - they give you buyers protection against fraudulent sellers
  • Convenient - one log in to authorise you purchases at multiple vendors.
  • Simple - once it is setup you are ready to shop online
  • Free -  doesn't cost you a cent to register
  • Diverse - allows you to shop at multiple merchants without divulging you credit cards details to everyone

Basically Paypal is an in between place for your credit cards details, sort of like a middle man. It gives you the security and confidence to shop online without having to leave your credit card details with many different sellers.
If you want to take advantage of some of the deals posted on my website as well as get some bargains from ebay you will definitely need a PayPal account.

I use my account on a daily basis across a large variety of merchants. 
When you are online just keep a look out for the PayPal logos and feel some what rest assured that the seller is probably legitimate but please verify that when you pay the site routes you to the official PayPal website before punching in you PayPal password. I'm sure there are many fake PayPal sites the same as the fake banking sites you get locally.

Please follow the link below for a guide on how to setup your Paypal account: 

For more information about Paypal and the benefits follow this link:
PayPal FAQ

Also for an article on why millions of people use PayPal click on the link below:

I will be posting a deal from a UK based online store that accepts PayPal soon. This might be a good opportunity to try out your new account. 
I will also be posting "Step 2: Where to shop?" soon which will details a whole list of international online stores that ship to South Africa for a small fee if not free. These stores sell anything from small gadgets to clothing. So keep you eye on the website for future updates.


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