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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DEALS: Truth or Lies for Xbox 360 or PS3 for only R53 delivered to your door

One of my favourite UK based online stores, thehut.com, has a party based game called "Truth or Lies" on sale.

They are selling the following versions (click below for links to the website):

The direct conversion Pound to Rand price is very cheap but please use the following formula to calculate the landed in SA price:

[(Cost of Item)  x (1.25 for customs) + (Delivery)] x Current Exchange Rate = Rand Price

In this case they are offering free delivery so for example the Xbox 360 version will cost us:
[(£3.85 x 1.25) + (£0)] x 11.21 = R53

Great thing is that they accept paypal now so payment becomes a breeze.

I will be doing an "International Online Shopping Guide" soon with a lot more of these international online stores that deliver to South Africa. So subscribe to this site in order not to miss out.

Customs is based on an estimated 25% of the item purchase price (14% Vat and 10% customs).

Note that this game requires you to have a microphone. The Singstar or Guitar Hero microphone should work fine.

Request: Please do not make fraudulent claims for lost packages and have patience when waiting for an online purchase (typical times 3-6weeks). If you claim due to being impatient and they send you a replacement they might decide to stop sending items to SA which will disadvantage all of us.

1 comment:

  1. My Truth or Lies just came today. Will try and get some friends over to play it soon.