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Thursday, 14 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Awesome indie game bundle worth R350 ($50) and you pay what you want!

The humble bundle comes around once or twice a year where this organisation combines some of the best indie games from the past few years into a bundle and sells it off to you for whatever you want to pay for it. The best part of it is that the money gets distributed however you see fit, be it to charity or the developer or both.
This time round they have bundled the best from the indie company Frozenbyte.
The sale is for a limited time and only available for the next 12 days so head over there ASAP. and buy your bundle.


Most of the games are cross platform (Mac, Linux & Windows) and all are DRM free.

Games included in the bundle:
  • Trine
  • Shadow Grounds: Survivor
  • Shadow Grounds
  • Splot (pre order only)
  • Jack Claw
Check out the video below for some gameplay footage:

Last year I missed out on the sale and lost out on games like "Machinarium" and "World of Goo". This year I already bought my bundle.
I know most of you think indie games mean bad graphics and poor gameplay but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how high end these games look and play.
Come on and buy this!! How often do you have a chance to only pay R70 ($10) or R35 ($5) or less for R350 ($50) worth of games and then the money can go to charity as well. Do the right thing and play some games :)

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