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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (27 April - 1 May 2011) - 3D LED TV for under R10 000

The Easter holidays seem to have slowed down the tip offs but the weekly roundup still has a few good bargains. This week we once again we have a FHD 40" LCD @ R4999 as well the a 3D LED TV for under R10 000. The prices of TVs seem to be dropping which leads me to believe that some new technology is waiting around the corner. Possibly the implementation of SmartTV or 3D without glasses??? We will have to wait and see.

Also keep an eye out for the new iPad 2 launch happening on the 29th April at you nearest iStore, Incredible Connection or Dion Wired.

Best Buys:

LCD TV 32 inch (2 Options):
LG 32" 80cm FHD 32LD420 @ Hifi Corp for R3299

Samsung 32" 80cm FHD @ Game for R3499

LCD TV 40-42 inch:

LG 42" (105cm) FHD 42LD420 @ Hifi Corp for R4999

LCD TV 46-50inch:

LG 47" (119cm) FHD 47LD460 @ Makro for R7999

LED TV 32 inch :

None worthwhile this week.

LED TV 40-42 inch :

Samsung 40" (102cm) FHD UA40C5000 LED TV @ Game for R7999 (Include FREE Blu Ray Player)

LED TV 46-50 inch :
Samsung 46" (117cm) FHD UA46C5000 LED TV @ Game for R10 499

Samsung 40" (102cm) FHD UA40C7000 LED TV @ Game for R9999

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

DEALS: 2 x PS3, Xbox 360, Wii or PC Games for R375 (2 for £25) @ the hut

The hut is offering 2 games for R375 (worked out on 25% customs and includes delivery).
Follow the link below to access the deal.

The Hut 2 for £25 Deal

Some of the games on offer:
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Fallout 3
  • Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4
  • Splatterhouse
  • Mass Effect 2 (PC & Xbox only)
  • Enslaved
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • and many more

Thursday, 21 April 2011

DEALS: The Flash Sale @ Musica - Selected Xbox 360 Games for R59.95. Offer ends 26 MAY

The following Xbox 360 games are on sale at musica for R59.95:
  • Brutal Lengend
  • Cars
  • James Bond
  • King of Fighters XII
  • Metro 2033
  • Prince of Persia 4
  • Spiderman - Web of Shadows
Follow the link below for more information:

This is the perfect deal to keep the kids busy the whole Easter for very little money.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

DEALS: R100 voucher off your next purchase at www.mygamingshop.co.za

The online store, "My Gaming Shop" is giving R100 off you next purchase if you use "mygaming" code at checkout.
They have also discounted Operation Flashpoint: Red River by R100, which coupled with the R100 voucher gets you R200 off this brand new game which is due out on Friday.


EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (20 - 24 April 2011) - HAPPY EASTER

So my recommendation last week to hold off on buying a tv paid off. This week we have a lot better options at really good prices. The 42" LG LCD for R4999 at Game is sure to be a huge seller.

See links below for more information.

Best Buys:

LCD TV 32 inch (2 Options):
LG 32" 80cm HD Ready 32LD310 @ Hifi Corp for R2899

LG 32" 80cm FHD @ Game for R3499

LCD TV 40-42 inch:
LG 42" (107cm) FHD @ Game for R4999

LCD TV 46-50inch:
LG 47" (117cm) FHD 47LD460 @ Hifi Corp for R7999

LED TV 32 inch :
LG 32" 80cm FHD 32LE5300 @ Game for R3999

LED TV 40-42 inch :
LG 42" (107cm) FHD 42LE4500 LED TV @ Makro for R7699

Take care and travel safe over this festive holiday.

DEALS: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for PS3 and Xbox 360 for only R268 online at Zavvi.com

Zavvi.com is selling Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for £17.85 for both the PS3 and Xbox. This includes international shipping to your door.
This would be the perfect time to test that new PayPal account that you set up in the International Online Shopping Guide I posted a few days ago
Working on a R12 per £1 and including an estimated 25% customs you can expect to pay R268.
If you get pass customs you might even end up only paying R214.

Follow the links below to the deal:
Xbox 360: http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/assassin-s-creed-brotherhood/10173898.html

PS3: http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/ps3/assassin-s-creed-brotherhood/10173899.html

Typical price of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is R460 which makes this deal a 43% saving.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: 1time flights from R291 all incl. one way. Only 50 000 seats

1time airlines are having a sale till the 23 April. They have 50 000 seats at the discounted price as shown in the image below. So if you were planning a local holiday this Easter you should take advantage of this special.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Guide to International Online Shopping: Step 1 - Get yourself a PayPal account

You have to love PayPal, in my view it is the gateway drug to an online shopping addiction

It is:
  • Safe - they give you buyers protection against fraudulent sellers
  • Convenient - one log in to authorise you purchases at multiple vendors.
  • Simple - once it is setup you are ready to shop online
  • Free -  doesn't cost you a cent to register
  • Diverse - allows you to shop at multiple merchants without divulging you credit cards details to everyone

Basically Paypal is an in between place for your credit cards details, sort of like a middle man. It gives you the security and confidence to shop online without having to leave your credit card details with many different sellers.
If you want to take advantage of some of the deals posted on my website as well as get some bargains from ebay you will definitely need a PayPal account.

I use my account on a daily basis across a large variety of merchants. 
When you are online just keep a look out for the PayPal logos and feel some what rest assured that the seller is probably legitimate but please verify that when you pay the site routes you to the official PayPal website before punching in you PayPal password. I'm sure there are many fake PayPal sites the same as the fake banking sites you get locally.

Please follow the link below for a guide on how to setup your Paypal account: 

For more information about Paypal and the benefits follow this link:
PayPal FAQ

Also for an article on why millions of people use PayPal click on the link below:

I will be posting a deal from a UK based online store that accepts PayPal soon. This might be a good opportunity to try out your new account. 
I will also be posting "Step 2: Where to shop?" soon which will details a whole list of international online stores that ship to South Africa for a small fee if not free. These stores sell anything from small gadgets to clothing. So keep you eye on the website for future updates.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

DEALS: UPDATED!! Xbox live Gold Membership R299 (50% off) at Makro (See conditions below)

Evopoints are offering 12 months worldwide live subscriptions for R369 which is cheaper than R299 plus the R99 game as described below.

Just found this little gem. If you are an online gamer this is perfect for you.
50% off a years subscription to Xbox Live at Makro.
Here comes the sad part. This special is only available till the 18th April so you only have a day left to buy it.

Only snag is that you need to purchase a game or console to qualify for it. So I was thinking that everyone has been selling the old Mass Effect and a few other games for R99. This will still score you a R200 saving. Not sure if this will work but it is worth a try.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Kindle DX 3G, 9.7inch display. Was $379 Now $299 (R2625.14 incl. Customs and Delivery)

Amazon is offering 21% off the larger format 9.7" screen kindle reader. The normal Kindle reader has a 6" screen. For more information about the kindle follow the link below:

Link to Kindle Deal

The Kindle is one of Amazon's main products and they ship it anywhere in the world within a few days. I did a test check out the site and the total came to R2625.14 including shipping and customs.

If you in the market for a Kindle then this is definitely a hot deal.

If you have never played with a kindle before you will be amazed how paper like the screen appears. The one bonus the 3G Kindle has is that you can access any 3G network in the world for free with no monthly bill (ie. No sim required). It has an experimental browser which allows you to surf the web via the 3G access for free. The browser is not the best but it is good enough to check Facebook, twitter and similar type of feeds.

Friday, 15 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: BT games opening specials Polokwane (14 - 16 April)

This information only came to me now but hopefully some of the specials are still available. The special started yesterday and is ending tomorrow at the Mall of the North in Polokwane.

Xbox 360 250Gb + 2 games and 2 controllers @ R2699
Xbox 360 controller @ R269
Crysis 2 for PS3 & Xbox @ R349

See picture below and link to the special below:

EXPIRED - DEALS: Verbatim 1Gb micro SD card with SD adapter for R19.95

Incredible connection is selling their 1Gb Verbatim micro SD cards for R19.95.
Limited to two per customer. This is an in-store purchase.
See link below for more information:



Thursday, 14 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Awesome indie game bundle worth R350 ($50) and you pay what you want!

The humble bundle comes around once or twice a year where this organisation combines some of the best indie games from the past few years into a bundle and sells it off to you for whatever you want to pay for it. The best part of it is that the money gets distributed however you see fit, be it to charity or the developer or both.
This time round they have bundled the best from the indie company Frozenbyte.
The sale is for a limited time and only available for the next 12 days so head over there ASAP. and buy your bundle.


Most of the games are cross platform (Mac, Linux & Windows) and all are DRM free.

Games included in the bundle:
  • Trine
  • Shadow Grounds: Survivor
  • Shadow Grounds
  • Splot (pre order only)
  • Jack Claw
Check out the video below for some gameplay footage:

Last year I missed out on the sale and lost out on games like "Machinarium" and "World of Goo". This year I already bought my bundle.
I know most of you think indie games mean bad graphics and poor gameplay but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how high end these games look and play.
Come on and buy this!! How often do you have a chance to only pay R70 ($10) or R35 ($5) or less for R350 ($50) worth of games and then the money can go to charity as well. Do the right thing and play some games :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

EXPIRED - The Weekly Roundup (13 - 17 April 2011) - PS3 for R1999, LED TVs for R7999 & a Gas Cylinder for R199

This week I will be looking at the TVs that are on offer as well as some other finds that are on sale at our big retailers.

It seems to be a bad week for people looking to a buy TV. If you are in the market for a 32" or a 46" LCD TV my suggestion would be to hold off on buying until next weeks specials. If you in the market for an LED TV you are spoilt with two choices, see below.

Best Buys

LCD TV 32 inch:

Nothing worth mentioning (hold off till next week)

LCD TV 40-42 inch:
Samsung FHD 40" (102cm)
LA40C530 @ Makro for R5499
(I bought this TV 2 weeks ago at Game for R4999, so it might come down again.)

LCD TV 46-50inch:
Nothing worth mentioning (hold off till next week)

LED TV 40-42 inch (2 options):
Samsung FHD 40" LED (102cm)
UA40C5000 @ Game for R7999

LG FHD 42" LED (107cm) LE42E4500 @ Makro for R7999

I have also stumbled upon these great deals:

Brights Hardware has a 5kg Kaya Gas cylinder filled with gas and a cooker top for only R199.
Normally this would cost: 1 x Cadac no. 10 cylinder (4.5kg) @ R499 and 1 x Cadac cooker top @ R99.

Tafelberg Furnishers are having a stock clearance sale till Sunday (As published in the Tyger Burger). What caught my eye on this advert was the PS3 for R1999. See image of advert below:

Hope you enjoyed these highlights. Please leave comments below if you would like me to look at other items as well for next week's special roundup.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DEALS: Truth or Lies for Xbox 360 or PS3 for only R53 delivered to your door

One of my favourite UK based online stores, thehut.com, has a party based game called "Truth or Lies" on sale.

They are selling the following versions (click below for links to the website):

The direct conversion Pound to Rand price is very cheap but please use the following formula to calculate the landed in SA price:

[(Cost of Item)  x (1.25 for customs) + (Delivery)] x Current Exchange Rate = Rand Price

In this case they are offering free delivery so for example the Xbox 360 version will cost us:
[(£3.85 x 1.25) + (£0)] x 11.21 = R53

Great thing is that they accept paypal now so payment becomes a breeze.

I will be doing an "International Online Shopping Guide" soon with a lot more of these international online stores that deliver to South Africa. So subscribe to this site in order not to miss out.

Customs is based on an estimated 25% of the item purchase price (14% Vat and 10% customs).

Note that this game requires you to have a microphone. The Singstar or Guitar Hero microphone should work fine.

Request: Please do not make fraudulent claims for lost packages and have patience when waiting for an online purchase (typical times 3-6weeks). If you claim due to being impatient and they send you a replacement they might decide to stop sending items to SA which will disadvantage all of us.

EXPIRED - DEALS: Reminder that Qatar Airways 2 tickets for the price of 1 sale starts tomorrow

Just a reminder not to forget that the Qatar 2 for 1 sale starts tomorrow the 13th April @ 00:01hrs.

Updated link to the Qatar website:

Note that there is a competition also on the website so don't get confused between the two.

Link to the original post below:

Please leave a comment below if you are successful in purchasing a set of tickets.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

EXPIRED - DEALS: Xbox 360 for R999.95

Just discovered that Incredible Connection are selling out all their stock of the old Xbox 360 Arcade units for R999.95. This is an in-store purchase and cannot be bought online like the previous special I posted.
See link below for more information as well as store availability:

I went to check at the Waterfront Cape Town Branch and they are sold out. The system indicated 14 units with the SKU:73257 and 10 units with the SKU:66800 are available at the Fourways branch. I suggest you call the branches shown in the availability window before rushing through. Quote the SKU numbers for easy assistance.

At R999.95 you are getting, albeit the older model, a HD gaming console, networked HD media player and DVD player all rolled into one. A WD Live HD player costs you about the same and does not give nearly as much benefit.

Please comment on this post if you managed to get one.

EXPIRED - DEALS: Jordon Shoes Buy 1 get 1 free till 3pm today

Jordon Shoes at 124 Voortrekker rd, Goodwood, Cape Town is selling off everything in the store at a buy one get one free until 3 pm today (9 April 2011).
They sell Bronx, Olympic, Anton Fabi, Steve Madden mens shoes and a selection of ladies evening shoes as well as soccer shoes.

Friday, 8 April 2011

DEALS: Updated! - PS3 250Gb + Fifa WC for R2999, Xbox360 Elite + GoW2 for R1999

Update: I have noticed that you cannot add the items to your basket if you are using firefox. Use Internet Explorer instead if you like to purchase the items.

I'm normally not the biggest Incredible Connection fan as most of time I think their products are overpriced but if you in the market for a PS3, Xbox 360 or PS2 they have some good demo specials.
Click on the title below to follow the links to the website:

PS3 250GB with Fifa World cup for R2999
Normal price of a 250Gb PS3 on sale with 1 or 2 games is R3699

Xbox 360 Elite with Gears of War 2 for R1999
 Normal price of the new model 250Gb Xbox 360 is R3199

 And if you cannot afford the PS3 and Xbox above you can still get the PS2 as shown below for dirt cheap!

PS2 with God of War and Gran Turismo 4 for R699

As I mentioned, these are demo models but with this coming from a large company like Incredible Connection you can be assured that it will still have the full warranty and that they will replace or refund you if anything does not work properly

DEALS: Updated! DStv HD PVR DECODER for R1400 @ Kalahari.net

Update: Many retailers have now dropped their price on this decoder to R1400 or R1499 so if you not comfortable buying online you can approach Game, Marko or one of those kind of stores and I'm sure you will get it for a similar price.

How exciting, my first tip off.
Kalahari.net has the DStv HD PVR DECODER as their deal of the week for R1400.
That is a total saving of R499 (27%) off the original price of R1899.

And because it is more than R385 you will get free delivery to your door.

Please follow the link below for the deal:

DEALS: Kulula.com Sale

Sorry for this late notification but Kulula.com started a sale @ 6am on 7th April.
They are offering cheap flights for travel between 1st of May and 31st August 2011.
The prices below are incl. Tax one way:
  • Jhb - Cpt/George or Cpt - Durbs @ R499
  • Jhb - Durbs @ R299
  • Jhb - PE @ R599
There are some international specials as well. Go visit the site and see what is still available. 
See link below for more information.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

EXPIRED: The Weekly Roundup (7 - 10 April 2011)

Every week I will try and consolidate the typical specials advertised by Game, Hifi Corp, Makro, etc, and come up with the best buys in various catergories. In order to start off this week I will concentrate on TVs and in the coming weeks upon my follower's requests look at other items as well:

Best Buys

LCD TV 32 inch:
LG FHD 32" (81cm) @ Game for R2999

LCD TV 40-42 inch:
LG FHD 42" (107cm) @ Game for R5499

LCD TV 46-50inch:
LG FHD 47" (119cm) @ Makro for R7999

Note: Last week Game had a special on the Samsung LS40C530 40" LCD FHD TV for only R4999. I would recommend that anyone looking for a TV in the 40-42" range wait a week to see if this special will come around again.

EXPIRED - DEALS: Qatar Airways offering 2 airline tickets for the price of 1

In celebration of Qatar Airways having a 100 destinations on their list they are offering a limited time offer of 2 tickets for the price of 1. This sale has been postponed due to technical difficulties on their website and will now take place from the 13th April (00:01hrs) until the 14th April (23:59hrs). So mark these times in your diary and get ready to click.

For more information please follow the link below:

Link updated to the Qatar website:

PS. Make sure you read the fine print. The special only applies to the price of the ticket but excludes the airport taxes. Even so it is still a saving of 70-80% of an airline ticket.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welcome to Hot SA Deals

Over the past few years I have been scouting and spreading the information about deals, bargains, best buys to many of my close friends and I was always told that I should start a blog or website whereby I can post the latest finds or simply give advice on any consumer related items.

If you asking yourself  the question such as "What .... do I buy? or "What is the best deal on ... " then you have come to the right place. I will try and answer most of these questions using price as my main driver then the technical information of the products to determine what to buy, when to buy it and where.

I will also be posting reviews on items such as TVs, gaming consoles, and other Hi-tech items. If something catches my interest I will be sure to share it with you.

DEALS: Deal websites

Recently we have had a huge influx of deal based websites here in SA.
I say it is by time that we get some of those great deals that most other countries have been experiencing for quite awhile.
These websites are based on a marketing strategy that if they introduce new clients to a service they will get repeat business. It a cheap and easy way to get your Spa, Restaurant or Service on the map with little cost to your company.
I personally love this as it gives the consumer the opportunity to try out new things at a fraction of the cost.
I have already purchased:
  • A segway tour for R88
  • Full day scuba diving trip for R450
  • Back massage for R210
The above would have cost me R1610 but now I get is all for R748.

See the list of deal companies on the right of the website and please let me know if you discover any more so that I can update the list.

DEALS: Great gaming deals

Exclusive books online store, www.Exclus1ves.co.za, kalahari.net and BT Games has some really good gaming deals for some of the newest titles around.

I found the following titles for Xbox 360 and PS3 quite cheap at all under R470:
  1. Crysis 2
  2. Assassin's Creed: Brother hood
  3. Dead Space 2

This is very refreshing considering that we are accustomed to new titles costing over R600.
This is also excellent as www.exclus1ves.co.za offer free delivery to your door step for FREE.